Hello and Welcome to the Health Natural Remedies Information site.


Our aim is to create a space to help you decide if making the switch to living a more sustainable lifestyle is the right choice for you. We think it is and wanted to share our journey with you. Switching to an organic and natural skincare and makeup regime did not happen overnight.  We slowly decided to make the switch as we realised that some products made us feel tired, we experienced skin irritations and we wondered WHY???

Why did we feel like this?

Why I am always getting a rash after using certain products?

The Why’s soon turned into What?

What was I doing that was causing all of these things to happen to me?

We started researching and researching and researching and we were surprised to find that our beloved mainstream products that we thought were good for us, they were actually causing all the problems. That’s just a snippet of how our journey started and we hope you can join us along the way.

We will give you insights into why switching to more natural and organic skincare products will help, and also how living a more sustainable lifestyle not only benefits you and your family but also the environment. We will share our favourite products which we have personally used and continue to use to this day. Some easy healthy recipes from making kefir and kombucha to the yummiest chocolate biscuits that you can whip up and have them cooling down in under 15minutes.

We hope you find our website helpful and thanks for dropping by. If you would like to contact the team please go here.