Cayenne Pepper and Garlic- Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Make no mistake, this combination is one extremely powerful treatment for erectile dysfunction. In the words of 80’s music duo, Ashford and Simpson, it will make you as “Solid as a Rock” in no time flat! In fact, a lot of guys who don’t even suffer from impotence actually use this remedy because it gives you excellent staying power as well. And you don’t have to wait long for this remedy to kick in. Usually about 3 hours is all you need before you’re ready to go.  

So why does this remedy work so good? Well cayenne pepper increases circulation right throughout the body – including the genital area – and the garlic helps to dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow. When the two are combined, they become a very potent combination for reducing blood pressure and treating high cholesterol and adult-onset diabetes. Of course, they’re also the ultimate dog and bone booster!


Best Way to Get Your Cayenne and Garlic

Cayenne pepper is basically a red hot chilli pepper. If you are used to eating hot and spicy foods then you may be okay with it. For the rest of us, we recommend taking it in capsule form. It’s so much easier and less painful! With the garlic, you can either use fresh garlic (which does give you garlic breath) or take odouless garlic tablets. Just make sure you take the cayenne and garlic together and take them before food on an empty stomach. With the capsules, take one of each 2-3 times daily before a meal. Also try and use cayenne pepper (chillies) and garlic in your cooking as much as possible. Remember, you can never overdose on these amazing herbs and spices so go nuts with them!